Sunday, December 23, 2007

4 Things Meme

Found this (most recently) at Woven and Spun, and felt like doing one today.

1. 4 movies you can always watch:

(Always...? Well, more than once, proven.) Sahara, Halmark's Arabian Nights, Karate Kid 2, Stargate

2. 4 bands you can never get enough of:
I don't know about whole bands, but I like Michael Card, Sheila Walsh, John Michael Talbot, and...Twila Paris, in the right mood.

3. 4 towns you lived in:
I don't think there are that many.

4. 4 shows you like to watch:
(Some on DVD) Life and Chuck (new this fall), Monk, and House, M.D.

I really go for episodic-mystery format. Like having things more or less wrapped up at the end of the show.

5. 4 websites you visit (almost) daily:
Stats, bloglines feeds, email...

6. 4 favorite foods:

Fajitas, ice cream, lettuce rolls, good pizza (I will choose a PB & J over bad pizza)

7. 4 places you’d like to be now:

I'm tired but happy where I am.

8. 4 songs that really move you:

O Sacred Head Now Wounded-- perfect pairing of music and lyrics; Everything Burns (don't know why); One Faith (John Michael Talbot)-- esp. the version w/ Michael Card-- so strong. Love Changes Everything (because it's adorably true).

9. 4 books you will always love: (post about these here)

Perilous Gard, Enchantment, Sea Wolf, Jane Eyre

10. 4 colors that will always be in your closet:

Sunshine yellow and the Jewels: Ruby, sapphire, amethyst

11.4 authors you’ll always love:

Francine Rivers, C.S. Lewis, Elizabeth Marie Pope, Barbara Picard.

12. 4 favorite actors/actresses whose talent you honestly respect:

I don't always like the roles they've chosen, but I admire their talent and/or versatility:

Emma Thompson, Will Ferrell, Alan Rickman, Julie Andrews

13. 4 languages you’d love to be fluent in:

Spanish, German, Russian, Italian

14. 4 other countries you would like to live in:

Not for very long, but, basically anywhere I could still communicate i would be willing to live for a time (my own choices being taken into consideration, here).

15. 4 skills you would like to improve:

Singing, guitar, writing, storytelling.

16. 4 items that are “a few of your favorite things(i.e. not-people) :

My Laptop (I spend a lot of time with it), Used bookstores, Hot cocoa, Pretty and functional tea sets.