Monday, March 19, 2007

My Main Problem With the World


This is it; right here:
The lack of clear expectations.

So there's this song I love, written for a batch of men to sing, that I haven't heard (live) since I was 15.

Now, at a unique place in life, I have the influence (being in the right place at the right time) to propose it the the men's Sunday school for their "special."

Pastor and Guitar Dude are both present and agree it could be worth checking out. I'm thrilled. This was two weeks ago, and nobody spoke to me again.

This Sunday I wasn't at church and DH comes home with this story that the guys wanted my song, but as they couldn't find me they picked something else.

DH teased, "That's what you get for missing church." I'm thinking, "What do they think? That I've got it tattooed on me or something? Who was going to tell me they wanted the music so I could bring it?"

Anyway, I'm just bummed. I'm going to review it and see if it can be introduced as a general congregational song. Hate to let it go that easy...
Isn't it interesting that with a splash of confidence and a clear plan it is possible to look like (and be taken as) an authority?

Of course it helps to have a known talent in the area as well. Puts more weight behind what you have to say.