Wednesday, March 21, 2007

WFMW-- Diaper-change help

Anybody with a baby has probably experienced two things: a wind-up music box of some kind (frequently inside a stuffed animal) that doesn't run very long, and a baby that doesn't like to stay still for his/her diaper change.

Well, I started putting those together, and Voila! I have made a previously useless gift useful (where else am I going to be available to re-wind a music box when it runs out after 15-seconds?) and eeked out a longer episode of cooperation from my 10-mo. old.

So far it's been useless for those stressful middle-of-the-night changes, but during the day at least this works for me!

(I am the Amy Jane from Untangling Tales--link above-- but I recently decided to use this blog for the memes, I think they're called, that don't fit my word/stories theme over there.)