Sunday, September 16, 2007

8 things from my kitchen

Creating my own meme because of what I want to talk about:

8 Random things from my cooking life.

  1. I like my pasta slightly chewy. My mother would probably say "very chewy." I do prefer that to overcooked. I *really* dislike overcooked pasta-- all pasty and bloated-- it doesn't even have any taste left, and there's nothing to make it take on the flavor of the sauce it's in. Kind of like a drowned earthworm that can't hold any more water. Yeah, that nasty.
  2. Nearly all the dishes I make require a lot of chopping. This is odd because I am not at all a fast chopper, and I'm really picky about pieces being too big.
  3. I like mixing my food. That is, I rarely make separate veggies, starch and meat (though I almost *never* do casseroles). It's mixed in one pot, tossed like a salad, wrapped up in a shell, or a stir-fry/sauce over rice or pasta.
  4. I detest dry food.
  5. I like my cookies chewy (as opposed to crunchy).
  6. When I'm seriously working in my kitchen I'm usually listening to a recorded book. I've decided this this because kitchen work is the only thing that keeps me in one place long enough to maintain continuity. Otherwise I'd listen to them more.
  7. My favorite "menus" aren't a meal listed for each night of the week, but a list of meals I have all the ingredients for. This allows me to pick the meal I'm "in the mood for" that day, while still narrowing the choices and (buying) preparation to save frazzled brain cells.
  8. We don't always put the lid back on the milk (this is no big deal because our milk hardly lasts long enough to pick up any sort of "off" flavor).
Woo hoo! I did it. I created my own meme (not that anything is completely original...). So I'll indulge in another first and actually tag a few people.

There's Kathy, Chrisd, and Christie, because they've tagged me before (even though I didn't always play back by the rules...) and then there's Becky and Prov31, because I'm curious about your answers, too.

As with all these silly things, your interest and time available naturally trumps my invitation, but if you decide to do it, please leave me a link (in case I'm slow getting back around).

Blessings on your day!