Sunday, September 16, 2007

Avoiding Practice?

Making excuses? Probably. But they're real, anyway. And I as I've found the bast way to get my mind to stop spinning is the lighten the load, I'll "share with the class."

So I've started this "intermediate" guitar class, that is going to either make me a real guitarist or kill me (there's no need to be so melodramatic) or make me feel like I really missed something.

Theoretically (according to the syllabus) I'm supposed to be practicing 5 hours a week.

Why are you sitting here typing?! Mainly because the times most ideally suited to practicing-- such as now, when the kitchen is (relatively) clean and there are no current demands on my person-- happen to coincide rather strongly with nap times or bed time where, if the children are not already asleep, I hope they are rapidly approaching.

My current guitar assignments are not conducive to that.

But now, as I've been writing I thought it might be worth a shot (at least today, as Jay's here to stay indoors to hear the sleepers waking) to go set up in the garage and get a few minutes while I have the chance.